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“Dancing is the essence of

life & humanity”

Dancers are the athletes of God

-by Sir Elbert Einstein

President of Jovanaz Dance Fitness Institute

The only lady Adjudicator in Sri Lanka for Latin American & Ballroom Dancing licensed under World Dance Council.

Licentiate Instructor & a member of ZIN™ USA

Visiting lecturer of National Institute of Sports Science SL

Physical Fitness Free Lancer for Newspaper

Associate Dance Teacher & full member of IDTA (B.B & L.A) the UK



Hi World, I’m Nimesha Edirisinghe.

I would like to share my message with you today. Hope you won’t leave these few lines-

The Golden wings behind all this success are my Dad (Donald Edirisinghe) & My Mom (Chandra Edirisinghe) I will greatly be thankful to them for the guidance & all the support. I Love You.

PASSION for Dancing is how I came up for this position. From my youngest years till now I have been & even now dedicating most of my time, strength, & commitment to this lovely, wonderful art of Dancing & Fitness since I am a Pharmacist & a company directress. Basically, it’s been a great effort & a devotion of 17 years of experiences & sacrifices in this Dancing & Fitness Industry In order to help the society’s wellness & progress as a dancing teacher & a fitness instructress.

Fitness which always keeps you healthier, younger, active, & attractive while dancing gives you the energy to carry on the life. Dancing is kind of a bond which we are & will be connected throughout our lifetime. It’s a bond that never leaves you & hurts you.

Let me come to you with a brief entry: -

We got our lives through the Almighty God the creator of all the living things. All mankind is human. Each one of us has a heart to LOVE, mind to UNDERSTAND & body to USE according to our abilities. We were born without any classifications. No nation, no race, no religion, no culture, etc… nothing. There are no boundaries whatsoever to love one another with mutual understanding. We all are human beings which God created without any classifications. So, the same principle goes together in the concept of Dancing. Anybody can experience it. There are no limitations. The only thing which needed is commitment. Continuation of this art makes a man think vast.

So we must PROTECT THIS MIRACULOUS ART of Dancing & Fitness since I do feel & point of view is that- Dancing is the essence of life & humanity

Sir Elbert Einstein says “Dancers are the athletes of God

Thank you all & Love you…

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